About me

J.S. Meresmaa

Hi there!

I'm J. S. and I love telling stories. I live in Tampere, the sovereign steampunk capital of Finland.

First I became a gardener, then I started to write. And here I am, ten years later, a full-time author of six novels, six novellas and several short stories. I write for all audiences, but I always seem to veer to the magical, mythical, and mystical side of life. I'm interested in many things, most of all in the lines between fact and fiction, life and death and, of course, power and love.

It's always about love and power in the end, isn't it?

In addition to being an author, I'm also a co-owner and the former chair person of Osuuskumma Publishing, a co-op publishing house run by authors, editors, graphic designers, and translators who also happen to be sf/f fans.

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